Selvi Memorial Illam Society

SMIS was founded in August 1999 by Mrs. Mary Thomas who named it in memory of Ms. Selvi, who was among the first to be diagnosed with HIV in India in 1986. It is a Community Based Organization (CBO), which is managed by a team of HIV infected and affected women. Selvi was also the first woman in India, to speak openly about her HIV status and spoke about the importance of care & support to PLHIV. In January 2004 SMIS set up a short stay facility that provides an affordable, clean and safe place for people living with HIV/AIDS and their accompanists in Chennai. The organization also provides food, accommodation, group education and counseling services for the PLHA and their attendants. IAPA provides periodical education sessions to the residents of the short stay facility, and since their caregivers accompany the persons, the topic is focused on care and support. IAPA also financially supports the organization’s Adult Nutrition Program, which provides provisions to the families of HIV infected women. In addition, IAPA provides technical support to SMIS.

Shelter Trust

The organization is registered charitable trust is running a home for the HIV/AIDS infected and affected children, including those who are orphans or semi-orphans. Shelter Trust provides personalized care by providing nutritional food, medical assistance, counseling services, education, recreational activities and clothing. At present there are nearly 30 children in the home. IAPA closely works with Shelter Trust, by providing the salaries of part-time doctor and full time nurse. IAPA also has provided funding to construct the medical wing of the building. With the volunteers assistance, IAPA has procured a vehicle for Shelter Trust to transport children to school. During every Summer Volunteer Program, the American volunteers implement sustainable extra projects, such as developing a library for the kids, teaching them English and computer.

Save Trust

Social Action for value Education (SAVE) TRUST is a Non-profit, voluntary, Non-Governmental Oraganization (NGO) working with the down-trodden and marginalized people in urban and rural areas of Chennai, Thiruvallur and Kancheepuram Districts. It was started by a group of persons in 2003, consisting mostly of women– with a clear vision to enable the economically and socially disadvantaged people to achieve their integral growth. IAPA closely works with SAVE Trust to provide HIV/AIDS education to slum community and to provide awareness on health & hygiene, sexual health, STI & RTI to slum women and girls. During the Summer Volunteer program, our volunteers provide these education to them. IAPA also offers technical support to SAVE Trust.

Children’s Paradise Trust

Children’s Paradise Trust was founded in 2011 in Chennai by Mr. S Pari, a recovered substance abuser who is determined to offer care and support to HIV-affected children and children of HIV-affected parents. The trust currently supports 7 children between the ages of 4 and 13. It provides medical attention to the children through a full-time nurse and a part- time doctor, and the children are also taken to government and private hospitals for treatment as needed. Mr. Pari is running a de-addiction centre for IDUs and from the income received from the centre, he is supporting these children. But as the income is very meager, they suffer very much. IAPA is working with them to obtain donations for them. The volunteers of SVP 2013 had designed a brochure and website for them, as a start for this endeavor. IAPA offers technical support to the NGO.

AIM Trust

AIM Trust was established in 1998 with the aim to ensure and up hold the rights of the children in difficult circumstances. The organization focused on reducing child labor and fighting to ensure that every child their rights to education. AIM trust began its operation in the rural districts of Kancheepuram and Tiruvallur in Tamila Nadu, India. They initially worked with government to strengthen government schools and passing laws to mandate all youth and children to attend class. After this initial effort, they joined the fight against bonded laborers in stone quarries, rice mills and brick kilns in the above mentioned areas. AIM Trust was involved in the advocacy for child and human rights. The organization has been an active participant in discovering and putting stop to several incidents of human rights violations, including several specific incidents of child abuse. AIM trust recently responded to the alarming rates suicide among adolescent children in Chennai ciity slums. They are involved in number of programs in the Chennai city slums to improve the environment and conditions for the people living there. IAPA provides awareness education on HIV/AIDS, STI & RTI to the slum community especially women. During the SVP the volunteers visit slums teach the slum children health and hygiene and English

REAL Trust

The organization was initiated in 2002, to mitigate the sufferings of disadvantaged slum and rural people. They also work with HIV infected people and rag pickers. The Founder of the organization, Mr. Lawrence does waste management and out of the proceeds he gets through that he runs the organization. At present they reach out to more than 5000 slum and rural people. IAPA collaborates with the organization to provide HIV/AIDS education to communities they work with and to implement community outreach programs. The volunteers of SVP 2013, helped to design their website


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